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Close consistent deals with million-dollar clients on Linkedin without running paid ads

Book meetings on autopilot and watch us generate $300,000 in sales, step by step

My LinkedIn account was in ruins.

Then I got on the phone with my longtime co-founder Robert Indries.

Me: “LinkedIn sucks, there’s no value here”

Robert: “You know we made over $300,000 on Linkedin last year, right?”

While I was over here complaining, Robert was becoming a Linkedin expert.

I knew we had to make a course.

Robert documented everything he did to make that $300k for his software development firm, the automations, the back and forths, the contracts, the profiles.

And then everything changed.

Following the same system, I rebuilt my profile, created several posts, set up automation, left comments on posts and within 20 minutes, we booked a qualified meeting for our marketing firm!

That’s why I made LinkedInX - to lay out step by step how to go from nothing on your linkedin account, to making sales and becoming a LinkedIn expert.

Imagine waking up to an account filled with notifications, meetings on your calendar, and a personal brand that builds itself on autopilot.

That’s what you get by growing and monetizing your Linkedin account, and you’re only a few steps away from making that a reality.

So go ahead and join LinkedInX below. Learn the exact strategy, which we’ve successfully used on repeat, to generate over $300,000 on Linkedin.

-Alex Berman, 7 Figure Agency Owner


Create: Learn exactly how to setup a LinkedIn account that gets attention. No case studies? No problem

Publish: Learn the same system we used to generate over $300,000 in sales using LinkedIn.

​Sell: Even if you have no writing experience, hate cheesy canned posts & don't like gimmicky manipulation techniques.

​​Automate: Learn how to leverage tools to grow your account so you can focus on more important things like your family, video games, or whatever you want!

What's inside:

Module 1: The Perfect Profile

  • Watch us build a profile for a digital agency and a marketing firm
  • Create the perfect banner, profile picture, and company descriptions

Module 2: Automation

  • Setup up tools to automate your lead generation and book meetings automatically
  • Watch us go back and forth and close $300,000 in deals: messages to emails to contracts. All in here.

Module 3: Easy Content Creation

  • How to engage on LinkedIn, what posts to like and how to engage correctly
  • The 5 content types that do well on LinkedIn

Module 4: Outsource and Scale

  • 200 page process document (SOP) that you can use to outsource your LinkedIn
  • Generate leads on autopilot so you never need to login to LinkedIn again


Like with every investment, your investment into the LinkedInX program does have some risk involved.

If within 30 days from joining the program, if you can prove implementation and you feel LinkedInX is not delivering, then you're entitled to a refund.

Student Stories:

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LinkedInX - Make Money on Linkedin

6 ratings