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Start an Agency, Borrow Case Studies, Grow for Free, Scale to $10k/Month and Beyond

Alex Berman
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I grew my agency to 7 figures and want you to do the same

Hi, I'm Alex Berman, a sales trainer with 60,000 subscribers on youtube, millions of views on our videos about agency growth, the 30k+ followers on Twitter and hundreds of successful students.

My team and I have dedicated our lives to helping new entrepreneurs start and grow their agencies, and this course puts everything we learned in one place.

What's Inside?

1: Mindset of a 7 Figure Agency Owner

  • Intro to the system
  • What to sell
  • Why you're worth it

2: Borrow Case Studies

  • How to get 10 years experience from a 10 minute phone call
  • Get other agencies to loan you their case studies

3: Write the Perfect Pitch

  • Exact questions to ask on sales calls
  • How to price
  • How to negotiate
  • How to close deals

4: Hiring

  • Exact scripts that show you how to hire
  • Where to find good talent
  • The roles to hire in what order

5: Scale!

  • How to create a self reporting team
  • How to take time off while the business grows
  • How to scale these systems to 10k/month and beyond

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Start an Agency, Borrow Case Studies, Grow for Free, Scale to $10k/Month and Beyond

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