Sign American Clients as a Non-Native

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You can charge 10x more tomorrow... without changing your accent or studying grammar.

What if I told you that you could make $2,000 per month?

You'd laugh. "$2k is what a doctor makes in my country!"


And you can make even more doing a lot less work.

How? You're charging too little.

I know because I've spoken with hundreds of workers outside the United States, and my companies have spent over $250,000 on outsourcing websites like Upwork.

This is not a course for basic grammar or punctuation.

This is about building the mindset, confidence and business skills you need to effectively close deals with American clients and earn 10x more.

How much is too little?

  • $150 per month as a virtual assistant
  • $200 for SEO
  • $800 for a website
  • $8 per hour

Our clients have made over $100 million, and I want you to do the same.

I'm Alex Berman, and together with Robert Indries we've made our clients over $100 million in sales.

We've sold to startups, international businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, and we now teach 99,000 people around the world do the same.

How can you make more selling to Americans? Scale.

The average rent in the US is $1,200 dollars, so when you pitch a $200 service to us, we laugh.

It will take work to improve your offer and skills, but once it clicks, you will be in shock at how quickly you can take your pay up to 2k.

High ticket in America is not $1,000, it's $25,000+

If you want to make American money, click the "I want this" button and join this course now.

You'll get:

  • 4.5 hours of video content (with subtitles)
  • Tested system to charge more
  • Lifetime access to a private community

Course Sections:

1. Mindset: Thinking Like An American​

  • How to Charge 10x More Right Now
  • How to Deal with Racism​
  • Conquer Your Fear and Embarrassment​
  • Dealing with Competition​

2. Charging Like an American​

  • How to Be Comfortable Charging a lot
  • $2,000 is Not a Lot: Desensitizing You to Wealth
  • The Scale of America​ and Why We Laugh at $200 Offers
  • What to Sell (Hint: You Are Not a Virtual Assistant)​

3. Writing Like An American​

  • Common Writing Mistakes Made by Non-Americans​
  • Never Write "Dear Mr. Alex Berman" again
  • Writing Breakdowns​ to Improve Your Written English Immediately
  • Words to Make Americans Hand You Money Without Losing Your Identity
  • How to Write Business Emails​ that Won't Get Marked as Spam

4. Understanding​ Americans

  • Understand the American accent
  • TV show/Movie Watch List​
  • Real World Tests to Get Your On the Phone with Real Americans... Tonight

5. Speaking Like An American​

  • Speak in a way Americans Can Understand​ Without Losing Your Accent
  • How to confidently speak to Americans​
  • How to Make Jokes and Come Off as a Human Instead of a Robot

6. Putting It All Together

  • How to Price Your Services
  • Negotiating with Americans for Freelance Work and Jobs
  • Negotiating with Americans for Client Work
  • What to Sell to Americans
  • Where to Go From Here

BONUS: Interview with a 7 Figure Romanian Entrepreneur

I dive deep with Robert Indries about how he went from dyslexic pig farmer in Romania making $100 per website to making over $27,000 per website including exactly what he did to learn American English step by step.

BONUS: Interview with a 10x Nigerian Marketer

Dubbed the “Einstein of Online Marketing,” we chat with Bruno Nwogu about his journey from making 40K Naira per month ($100) to now earning well over 1 million Naira ($2,000). On this call we also map out how to get him from $2k to $20,000 per month.

BONUS: Interview with a 10x Indian Freelancer

We talk with Youtube Producer Divij Sharma about how he went from $150 a month salary to making over $2,000 per month and being on track to earn 6 figures USD per year.

BONUS: Watch us 10x an Indian agency LIVE!

I went to Faridabad and met with an agency owner in person. We talk about his journey with American English, why he decided to use his native accent instead of faking an American accent, and we raise his minimum price from $500 to $5,000.

BONUS: Private Facebook Community

Lifetime access to a private community of fellow entrepreneurs to network with and get feedback from on your American English journey.

Student Stories:

Subtitles Available in:

English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Tagalog, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic

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Sign American Clients as a Non-Native

36 ratings